Every mobile app should have its own set of features. That is why we collaborate with our clients to ensure that our App Engineers have a clear understanding of what needs to be built and how things should be done.

With simple informational to complex ecommerce functionalities attached to the apps, we assist our clients with iOS app creation and Android app development. We've built apps that include backend connectivity and RESTful API calls, ensuring that users have a seamless experience when utilizing them.

Within a few essential steps, we follow an agile process.

Step 1: Analyze the requirements

We collaborate with you to gather requirements, comprehend the final product and major objectives, and evaluate all available resources, such as the Software Requirement Specification document, wireframes, user journeys, and designs.

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Step 2: Make a project strategy

We create a project plan that outlines the entire project's milestones and dates.

Step 3: Choose a tech stack and set up your environment

The Engineering team will evaluate everything in order to choose the best tech stack to support the company's goals. They'll set up various environments, such as local, staging, and pre-live.

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Step 4: Development and Quality Assurance

We follow a test-driven development (TDD) methodology. For each piece of development work, we build user story cards. We QA them both automatically and manually when they're finished and share the results with our clients to verify they pass the User Acceptance Tests. This includes releasing the app to Firebase and/or additional testing environments for a full quality assurance.

Step 5: Launch

We'll share the most recent QA'd version with you in real time.

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There are numerous advantages to working with Pirala.

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Picking the Right Technology Stack

We'll devise the most appropriate technological stack for your mobile app. Whether it's Fluttr, React Native, or a native language, we'll discuss why we chose what we did and why we chose it.

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Development that is based on tests

To ensure that the changes are automatically evaluated before being integrated into the program, we use a Test Driven Development methodology.

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We'll alert you to any potential improvements so that the end result is the finest possible option for your clients.

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Maintaining contact

We're always ready for a discussion, and we can keep communication channels open using platforms like Skype and Slack. We want you to feel as if we're right around the corner, so you'll never be caught off guard.

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Cost-effectiveness is a priority

Our staff is made up of experts in their respective industries. This indicates that we are both cost-effective and efficient in meeting your requirements.

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Top companies have put their trust in us.

We are entrusted by large corporations around the world to provide high-quality development and quality assurance services. That is why our clients adore us and are ecstatic with the results of our App development work.


Please contact us if you'd like to learn more. We enjoy a good chitchat and would be delighted to assist you.