Many people are looking for a job they can really enjoy and feel do well. But what will make it a "Perfect job?" Which criteria a person can use to determine whether a job will be personally satisfying and something that will help them pay the bills? It is that there are three criteria that all Perfect jobs should have to be both rewarding and financially sustainable.

1. Is it something that you enjoy doing?

The first criterion is that the work should be something you really enjoy doing. There are so many different types of jobs out there and there is no doubt that there is something for everyone. Think about what you like to do for fun. For your work to be truly satisfying, it should be something you love to do, if you are paid for it or not. Of course, being paid is Perfect too, but it cannot be the only motivation for something you want to do for work. Perfect work should be some personally meaningful thing for you that you will be happy to do every day.

2. Is it something you're perfect at?

Consider what your skills are and determine what it is that you are really perfect. This could begin as broad categories, such as "I am Perfect at working with my hands," or "I'm Perfect with numbers." Try to think of things that you can do better or more easily than others, things you have a natural ability to. Your work should look to do things you are naturally gifted that these will be things that will help you stand out. The job market is competitive and does something that you have a natural ability to help you put the odds of success in your favor.

3. Is it something that is necessary?

This criterion is probably the most important in terms of getting paid for what you do. Of course, there is nothing wrong with continuing the work that gives you pleasure and you're perfect to her. However, if you want to be relatively well paid for your time, then you will need to find something that is needed by others. Once you have a list of things you are both interested in doing and are perfect at, try to determine which of these things are the most in demand. The more your work is necessary, the more likely that someone will pay you well for it. As a final note, do not be discouraged if a job that corresponds to the three above criteria does not immediately fall into your lap. It takes time and effort to reach a viable idea for something that will be a rewarding use of your time. Remember that everyone is perfect at something and it is related to someone who can benefit from your skills, even if it may not be obvious at first. More work is necessary, the less likely that someone else is ready or able to do so. Try to find something you can do, what you love to do, and that many others cannot or will not do. Then you'll really have found something that you can be paid for and be happy to do so.